Clever stuff happens here

The clue is within our name - we have bold ambitions!
We do what we do in a way that’s not been done before.

The Institute of Clever Stuff provides the end-to-end partnership that not only solves problems and answers the most pressing business questions, but works with you to deliver the change and get the results.

The future belongs to those brave enough to make it

Together, we’re enabling a new generation of Future Makers with bold, ambitious change that delivers results fast and makes a difference to people, planet and profit.

We give confidence to transform your business with science driven change, whilst creating a better world through ethical analytics.

Our platform helps you accelerate results, collaborate, build your capability and scale fast with confidence. With the best talent from academia, consulting, data science and design, we help you see around corners and pioneer a better future.

How we work

Committed to positive change

We are passionate about making a difference and our people are driven to create a better future. We continue to lead the way in ethical and sustainability analytics.

For our people

We are proud of our diverse network of experts. Our values are shared by every member of our community and we work together to inspire positive change.

For our clients

We harness analytics-driven change to transform organisations and integrate sustainability as we go. We don’t believe that sustainability, ESG and making a difference should be a separate decision-making process.

For our planet

When we solve a problem, we like to think of the value and impact it will generate commercially, operationally and ethically. We stand by this ourselves and have invested in, and partnered with, like-minded organisations and startups that are people and planet positive: planting trees, building communities, reducing poverty and driving sustainability.

Thinking, another way

We want to encourage you to think carefully about your impact on people and planet. Let’s work together to leave a legacy of positive change.

We are Future Makers.

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Over €3bn
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We are data scientists, analysts, data engineers, developers, designers, strategists and change enablers.

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